A New Life In Japan

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Why Japan?

Lots of my students have been asking me why I decided I wanted to come to Japan. I haven’t got any particularly clear reason, and sometimes I even find myself questioning it a little. If anyone has been desperately hoping... Continue Reading →


Eat The Damn Rice Porridge

It’s been a long time since the last post, I know. Sorry! I’ve been pretty busy with my first couple of weeks and getting settled in. I was staying in a short-stay apartment for a week before having to move... Continue Reading →

Japanese Soft Drinks #1

It’s not food, it’s not cats, and it’s not my random experiences, but here’s a new series that I’ll be writing for this blog occasionally. As you can guess from the title, it’s going to be about drinks in Japan.... Continue Reading →

Sprinting 70-year-olds

Just to let everyone know, this is another new series, sorted under the category, 'Tales From the Orient'. Generally, these posts will be odd stories of things that probably wouldn't happen in the UK. I hope you all enjoy them!... Continue Reading →

Plain Food

All travel blogs must (by the laws of nature) include plane food pictures, so here are mine. This first meal claims to be ‘sweet and sour pork’. I have to admit, I couldn’t taste the sweet or the sour. Or... Continue Reading →

Actually Leaving Now

This is a short one, folks. The title is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s cut to the chase. I’m just about packed and it’s starting to sink in just how few of my possessions will be accompanying me to the Orient.... Continue Reading →

Leaving the shire, or not?

So, after finishing university, what was there to do but find a job and leave home? Isn't that what you're meant to do? I have to be honest here - it wasn't as easy as I had anticipated. First of... Continue Reading →

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